It Is What It Is

by David Seume

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released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


David Seume Kansas City

David Seume released his album, It Is What It Is, in December 2008. Seume wrote and arranged it and recorded it at home.

Since, Seume journeyed many miles in his ’82 VW van, played a little bit, and joined up with Fullbloods on bass.
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Track Name: The Fire
If you trust in the truth to inspire, please stoke the fire
I’m gonna find a way to you
Peace signals goin higher, from the grassroots fire
I’m gonna find a way to you

I won’t be too far away

But if you’re skewing the view to conspire, and you know you a liar
I’m gonna get away from you
Smoke yo blowin’s goin higher, you’re tongue is tied to the mire
I’m gonna get away from you

I will be so far away

No love’s message don’t get tired, there’s always coal in the fire
And I pray they light the way for you.
Track Name: Friends Like These
Well with friends like these, who needs enemies?
Got me on my knees, in my begging jeans, saying

Alright alright alright

Bad things come in threes, so will ya please ease
Back up off of me? Yeah you lie, steal and cheat, saying

Alright alright alright
Alright alright alright
(It’s time to go now, it’s time to go)
(I see the door now, I see the door)

My oh my—I can’t look at you in the same way
My oh my—I can’t even recognize your face

You try to shut me down, friend of me
You wanna run me down, take away my dreams
Track Name: Baby Now
Hit a note right on the head
Go to bed and no I’m not upset
Tap the floor and turn around
Be assured you got your feet up off the ground

Here we go, baby now
Kissing my soul, baby now
I am losing control, baby now
So here we go, baby now

Don’t let the words fly over your head
Like a butterfly outside catch ‘em with your net
And if the rhythym and the soul got control of your parts
Dig a deep hole and seeing there’s your heart
Believing you’re a star
Track Name: I'd Be Without You
My life is caught in the deep end
I might drown cause I can’t swim
Oh my, is that a shark fin?
Oh no, you gotta stop stressin

You’d think that things would change
Cause nothing seems to be going your way
You’d think that things would change
Nothing’s going your way

My trials and tribulations (don’t worry, everything’ll be okay)
You spoiled child, quit misbehavin (don’t bother, here comes the sunny day)
Oh my, it’s the state of the nation (a sunny day—oh yeah)
Oh no, you don’t get complacent (a sunny day—oh yeah)

Without you, without you, would I know what to do?
Without you, without you, could I just skate on through?
Without you, what would I do?
I’d be without you
Track Name: Leavin
I’m hard pressed for another rhyme
Trying but I need more time
It’s jumped and bumped and honey it’s a line
I’m trying to walk
So what’s with all the talk, about you


I’m fighting for another trial
Plead the fifth and somehow keep it all down
But you’re so much prettier when I’m not around
So I’m trying to walk
But what’s with all the talk, you got me

Seein double now
Bleedin from my mouth
Pleadin on my knees, beggin please

Come back home, back to me
In Kansas City
Track Name: Apple Tree
Where ya going I can’t take you I’m already there
So you’re showing up I don’t believe you why’d you cut your hair?
Girl I’d bet my bottom dollar you’re a little scared
But there’s no need to worry now, life it just ain’t fair.

I see you do you see me?
Take a look outside, cause I’m hiding around the other side of the apple tree
Leaves are changing color now, I’m still in trouble now
But I’m gonna give you anything you need

All the spring the fall the summer
Winter’s coming with my number
I don’t understand the weather
Can you take me?
We’ll go together

Our warm feeling’s surely dying
I can tell the birds are flying
Straight away for something better
Can you take me?
We’ll go together

If you say goodbye I’ll go, but I want you to know
That I was gonna give you anything you need
Track Name: Speaking of the Devil
Speaking of the devil—then he turned around the corner
Speaking of the devil—and I found he was after me
Speaking of the devil—so I turned around the corner
Speaking of the devil—and I find I’m looking back at me

I think I’m drowning in my fears
I look fine but I’ve aged years
With every second year that goes by
I want something different, so give me something different

I better take off my clothes
They got dirty shoveling coals
Stripping me of my energy
Can’t get too much of her thing, she’s a lady Liberty

Speaking of the devil

Voices telling me go hear
The Underground Sound at the show, boy
Certainly you’ll see you’re too small
Your PC is so PC, call it love technology

Now it’s stay put at home
The box’ll never leave you alone
So take a flight with society
Can the garbage heap the trash, burn your money keep the ash

Aah ah aah ah
Track Name: Emily
Your automatic response is blaming me
Are you prophetic, these are the things you’ve seen?
It’s not romantic, in fact, it’s troubling
The mood is frantic, reacting with no chemistry

You plant a seed of jealousy

You’re psychopathic, stop thinking we’ll grow old
The birds are calling, but you’re still out cold
You star in reruns and I’m changing the channel
Might make me happier if I could just be left alone

I don’t have the missing pieces you’re looking for
I skipped some pages, but you wrote some more
This tragic ending is my one reward
So briefly stated, Emily, I ain’t yours
Track Name: Something You May Wanna Know
Why you calling me crazy?
Saying nothing can save me—yeah no one can save me.
And these wars we’re waging
Where they gotten us lately?

When all imagination turns to reason
And all our transformations are the seasons
What will be the answer that you’re given?
And who will be the One that you believe in?

I got something you may wanna know

If love is the answer, why don’t we make it?
We’re too busy lying, not getting naked
Telling me after all this time we been faking?
Love is the answer.

These wars just ain’t worth fighting for
You’ll know the truth when you knock on the door
There’s too much to lose just to be ignored
Love is the answer so you question the war.

It’s only because I wanna make sure you don’t get too far away from me
We might’ve been impaired but what was shared you don’t get back, not easily
And I don’t want it back I just thought I’d say something sweet to you
No I don’t want it back
No I don’t want it back.
Track Name: Will Ya Be My Friend
I want you, I want you
And that is all

Is that enough for you?
Or will I have to tell you I love you?

Cause if I do, baby
Maybe I don’t know

When I ain’t got a penny to spend
I’m asking will ya be my friend?

Is that asking too much?
Or am I coming off looking like a fool?

Cause if I am, baby
Surely I don’t know
Track Name: Revolution Son
This is the question that I wanna ask ya
Have you heard the coming call of disaster?
Yeah it’s clear the trouble’s coming faster
But not for the reason that they’re telling you.

And in’t it the feeling that they wanna control us?
We been seeing though they blindfold us
They keeping secrets and they gunning for more trust
It don’t seem right, and it ain’t what we’ll do.

The Revolution Son is shining down on everyone

Yeah it’s clear the end is coming faster
But what will you do on the morning after?
We got a Father but you’re calling us bastards
Why do you curse us when it isn’t true?

Don’t you say, easy does it now
If anything, you ought to lift me up among the clouds
Don’t you say, easy does it now
We need more, we need more truth soldiers on the ground

For the Revolution Son